This Never Gets Old!

We like to utilize video elements fairly often at Biltmore. While creative videos can be great, testimonies are by far my favorite to see. We show them often and they never get old! Yesterday’s simple video testimony of Fangyang Liu was impactful for several reasons: It demonstrated the power of the gospel. It showed that the call to follow Christ is free, but not without cost (in Fangyang’s case the cost was his relationship with… Read More »

How Do I Forgive Myself?

“I just can’t forgive myself.” I have heard that painful sentence many times over the years. I’ve thought it many times myself. Sometimes there is even a sense in which we’re confident God has forgiven us, but we don’t “feel forgiven” or “I can’t forgive myself.” What to do? While obviously not exhaustive, here are a few things: Be sure that you know and have embraced the gospel. The good news of the gospel is… Read More »

A Few Reflections on Easter weekend at Biltmore

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend with great memories. Here are 7 brief reflections I have about what God did @ Biltmore. * I’m so grateful for the BEST VOLUNTEERS in the world! 2,000+ volunteers ministered to 10,000+ people (in spite of spring break and rain:-) by serving in preschool, parking, tech, greeters, etc. – amazing! *Church, great job on inviting people to Easter!  I heard tons of great stories from guests about… Read More »

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