Benefit Package

When a person goes for a job interview, one of the topics that is sure to come up if the interview process goes far enough is the benefits that come with the job. Now, I don’t recommend leading off with this question, or the interview might be very short, but once an employer has made it clear what they expect from a potential employee, it’s fair for that person to ask about the benefits the… Read More »

The Upcoming Election

Simply from the amount of yard signs, political commercials and vitriol – you can tell there is an election coming up soon. On November 4, Americans from all across the country will go to the polls and elect politicians who will represent them in various capacities. What are some Biblical guidelines for the Christ-follower when it comes to a democratic form of government election? I see several. 1. Participate In Matthew 22:17-21, Jesus seems to… Read More »

Getting Past The Past

The rearview mirror plays an important role in driving. It helps you to back up safely, know when it’s safe to change lanes, and to know which kid hit the other first. But the rearview mirror is not where to look as you navigate the road ahead. Unfortunately, so many people live their lives lamenting what they see in the rearview mirror. While we are products of our past, we don’t have to be prisoners… Read More »