How to Prep for Easter

Easter is coming!  Easter is the most anticipated and attended weekend on the Christian calendar.  I can hardly wait to celebrate the resurrection with the @Biltmore family in one of the 9 services!  (View schedule here). Here are ways to maximize Easter and get ready for the celebration: 1.   Pray for your church and yourself Pray for your church leaders Pray for God to move in power Pray for open hearts Pray for Christians to… Read More »

Marriage @ Work

It is truly awesome to see the gospel at work. It’s amazing also to think that one of God’s great purposes in marriage is to picture the relationship between Christ and the people He has redeemed. (Ephesians 5:32) Marriage is both hard and glorious, frustrating and exhilarating. It also helps us to understand what’s at stake. A Christian marriage is representing Christ to a watching world. When people see Christian marriages characterized by love, sacrifice… Read More »

The “Mystery” of Marriage

We started a new teaching series this past weekend called iVow. The series is based out of Ephesians 5. In v. 31, Paul connects marriage back to Genesis 2 by quoting Genesis 2:24. The Bible clearly puts marriage between a man and a woman as the most vital relationship one person can have with another. However, in v. 32 he says it is a “mystery” and it is a picture of the gospel! One of… Read More »