Grace and Truth are so hard! (but vital)

The gospel of John describes Jesus as “full of grace and truth.” The idea was not that Jesus was half about grace and half about truth.  The picture was that Jesus was completely about both grace and truth at the same time. Based on background, personality, etc. – Christians/churches tend to be strong in one and weak in the other. The ones that are strong in truth but lack grace can err toward self-righteousness and… Read More »

Thoughts & Resources on the recent SCOTUS Decision on Marriage

With the recent 5-4 Supreme Court decision redefining marriage, people have been asking where we stand in response. Our position is expressed in the following statements from Dr. Russell Moore of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, which I was honored to be asked to sign. It is a well thought out and Biblically balanced statement that I believe encompasses “grace and truth” (John 1:14-17). Evangelical Statement on Marriage As evangelical Christians, we dissent from… Read More »

3 Things Senior Pastors & Worship Leaders Must Do To Work Well Together

I just got through with a worship planning meeting with the worship pastors of the different @Biltmore campuses. It was such a joy to pray, plan, talk etc. about ways to facilitate the corporate worship of our great God! They are young, talented, spiritually mature, and passionate. I feel sharpened and challenged being around them. They are also being coached and nurtured by the long-time Biltmore worship pastor, Carl Setterlind.  Carl has been at Biltmore for… Read More »