3 Things Senior Pastors & Worship Leaders Must Do To Work Well Together

I just got through with a worship planning meeting with the worship pastors of the different @Biltmore campuses. It was such a joy to pray, plan, talk etc. about ways to facilitate the corporate worship of our great God! They are young, talented, spiritually mature, and passionate. I feel sharpened and challenged being around them. They are also being coached and nurtured by the long-time Biltmore worship pastor, Carl Setterlind.  Carl has been at Biltmore for… Read More »

33 things I wish I knew when I started pastoring

• Vision leaks……so repeat it often (I define Biblical vision as an expression of how you make disciples within your context) (Proverbs 29:18) • The Sermon starts in the parking lot (Make sure you have trained greeters, etc) • Worship by definition is vertical (Psalm 99:5 ) • Get better not bitter – you will get hurt in life and ministry (Hebrews 12:15 & 2 Tim 4:14-15) • People come for worship and quality, but stay… Read More »

What Do I Do in Hard Times?

While difficult times vary in duration & size, everyone experiences them. Nobody gets to audit the class of difficult times. Whether it be an unexpected death of a loved one, overbearing financial pressure, marital tension, etc. – what would God have me do? John 6:16-21 (also Mark 6:45-52 & Matthew 14:22-32) contains the awesome story of Jesus sending the disciples into a storm and then coming to them in their need. You don’t have to… Read More »