How 2 Beat the Summer Slump

Have you ever fallen into somewhat of a “spiritual slump” during the summer months? I know I have, and the first time it happened it greatly surprised me because I’d thought summer afforded the greatest opportunity to grow spiritually. But a combination of factors often lead Christ followers into a spiritual drought in the summer months. How can we beat it? Here are a few ways that can help. 1. Protect your spiritual discipline. Since… Read More »

Reflections on the Pastors’ Conference

It was a privilege and joy to lead the @SBCPastorsConf last week in Baltimore, MD. As I reflect on the two days and the last 12 months planning and praying, I am filled with gratitude to the Lord and for the people He used. Watch all the PC speakers and worship archived here. While I am still processing and have many more reflections than these, here are a few • I am so grateful for… Read More »

Is Church Membership Biblical?

I came to Christ when I was 17 years old. Not having a strong church background, as well as being part of a generation that’s a little paranoid about authority  – I found myself a bit skeptical of the local church. It was easy for me to resonate with comments like, “I love Jesus; it’s the church I don’t like.” Or, “I love Jesus, but not organized religion.” (Although I’m sure I didn’t like disorganized… Read More »