How to Prepare for Easter

It’s the Monday before Easter and I’m already so pumped about what we will see the Lord do in the week ahead. In many ways, this is the biggest week of the year for churches and ministry. Here are four ways to prepare for Easter: 1. Pray – (James 5:16) Pray that God would reveal to you people who you should personally invite to an Easter service. Most studies show that almost 75% are open… Read More »

A Gr8 Way 2 Start & End Your Day

Johann Sebastian Bach wrote over 250 cantatas and is arguably the greatest writer of classical music ever. (I might also be biased since one of his compositions was used in my wedding – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.) One of the things Bach would do before he started scoring a sheet of music would be to write J.J. – Jesu Juva – at the top of the page. It simply meant “Jesus, help me.” When… Read More »

Awesome Job Student Leaders!

This weekend we had our Senior High Disciple Now weekend. The theme was AWAKE, based on Ezekiel 37 where the Lord breathes on a valley of dry bones and they turn into a mighty army for the Lord. In the story, God uses the Spirit and His Word to bring fresh life. It was awesome to watch the Lord speak life into hundreds of students over the weekend by His spirit, through His Word. I’m… Read More »