What Do I Do in Hard Times?

While difficult times vary in duration & size, everyone experiences them. Nobody gets to audit the class of difficult times. Whether it be an unexpected death of a loved one, overbearing financial pressure, marital tension, etc. – what would God have me do? John 6:16-21 (also Mark 6:45-52 & Matthew 14:22-32) contains the awesome story of Jesus sending the disciples into a storm and then coming to them in their need. You don’t have to… Read More »

5 Reflections on Easter Weekend

1. I’m so grateful to the incredible volunteers who serve. I love watching them love and serve people, most of whom they don’t know personally. Thank you parking lot attendants, greeters, ushers, coffee counter servers, Connect Group volunteers, children’s ministry volunteers, etc.! “Hospitality is the combination of two words: ‘stranger’ and ‘love.’ Hospitality at its core is the love of strangers… “Hospitality, when seen in light of the gospel, becomes more than just parking cars… Read More »

How to Prep for Easter

Easter is coming!  Easter is the most anticipated and attended weekend on the Christian calendar.  I can hardly wait to celebrate the resurrection with the @Biltmore family in one of the 9 services!  (View schedule here). Here are ways to maximize Easter and get ready for the celebration: 1.   Pray for your church and yourself Pray for your church leaders Pray for God to move in power Pray for open hearts Pray for Christians to… Read More »