How Do You Know If You’ve Forgiven Someone?

If you are alive, I know one thing about you for sure – you have been hurt by somebody. Nobody gets through much of life without being hurt deeply by someone. If you’re a Christ-follower, you probably know that you are supposed to forgive people who have injured you. (Matthew 18:21-35, Matthew 6:14-15) Forgiving is not pretending it didn’t happen, or enabling someone to hurt you again, etc. It’s the choice to release someone from… Read More »

God @ Work (Madison Cawthorn – Part 1)

During our current teaching series, Make It Count, we are showing videos of God @ work in different @biltmore lives. I first heard the phrase “God at work” from my friend @JamesMacDonald (who will be preaching @biltmore one Sunday in November). “God @ work” is a phrase describing God’s activity in a person’s life. We kicked off the series with the awesome story of @MadisonCawthorn. It has been amazing to watch how God is working… Read More »

Biltmore’s 125th Anniversary Video

Yesterday was a joy as we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Biltmore Baptist Church! We honored the past, celebrate the present and look excitedly into the future (including 2015 Campus launch in Henderson County!). Watch the video here.